10 Tools: Flipboard Review

If you’ve ever wished for the perfect magazine packed with only features you love, you were wishing for Flipboard.

Flipboard_ScreenI haven’t subscribed to a newspaper or a magazine for years. I generally find that I’m only interested in a fraction of most publications and they seem like a waste of money. I’ll read a paper if one is lying on the table at the coffee shop, but I’m highly unlikely to ever buy one. I do miss newspapers a bit though. I miss paging through and being surprised and delighted by a story I didn’t expect to see. I loved that feeling of discovering something new and great on page B2 or C5. Flipboard gives me the satisfaction of a magazine created just for me. Once again I experience the serendipity of discovering something completely unexpected and completely perfect–like a recipe for Beef & Guiness Stew that became dinner for St. Patrick’s Day or Harlem Shake for Designers that just made my week. It is visually stunning.

Flipboard Basics:

  • You can read your Flipboard on an Android or iDevice.
  • The app comes pre-loaded with feature categories you can keep or delete.
  • You can search for additional sites to add. (I added Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), BBC World, Facebook, Google +, and Twitter)
  • The Cover Story is a mashup of all the live categories you have in your flipboard.
  • Flipboard is awesome.

  What I Learned:

  • I really can have it all! Finally, that magical magazine designed just for me is mine.
  • Sometimes you can only find the Facebook site for what you are searching for instead of the news site. This was the case when I tried to add OPB. It was kind of a bummer because I wanted to get all the news from opb.org , not just the features that get posted to the OPB Facebook site. Oh well.
  • Flipboard is awesome.

Application to Virtual Learning:

This is more of a personal productivity tool and I don’t really have a virtual learning application for the tool, but it did give me an idea for a virtual assignment that can be posted by students. Have them create a magazine cover for an issue dedicated to the topic of the course. The cover shot should be a picture that sums up the topic for them and feature articles should reflect important points.