10 Tools: Glympse

I’ve been remiss. In rising to the challenge of a new job I’ve been dreadfully neglecting my blog. Thanks for being patient. Here is your reward: Glympse.

GlympseI was first introduced to Glympse by a guest who was new to the area and wanted me to know where he was so I could give directions if he got lost. My husband and I started using Glympse regularly because we’ve been doing long drives solo and it helps us keep tabs on each other’s ETA. It also provides some peace of mind that we can track the other driver’s progress and will know that they are OK. I had a interesting hiccup with my cell service a few weeks ago–my service was erroneously cut and I panicked for a moment because I couldn’t send my husband a Glympse for my drive home. How ever did we live without our cell phones?

You can send a Glympse to anyone, whether they have the app or not. The receiver can track you via the website. This has been great for road trips so our hosts know when we are getting close. I can also imagine parents of teenagers liking this if their kids are driving long distances.

Glympse is also great if we split up for a bit downtown to run errands. We can check each other’s position, then meet someplace in between. This is great for meeting up with friends too.

No educational applications for this one, but it’s definitely one of my most-used tools.