10 Tools: Pocket Review

Is it May already? Oh my. This is my “April” review of Pocket, an app that let’s you stash articles, blog posts, or web pages to read later.


I used to email myself articles to read later. This resulted in a whole bunch of emails that never got filed or read, and I usually ended up deleting them. Pocket gives me a place to keep them without mucking up my inbox. Whenever a have a few spare minutes to read, I pull up one of those articles in Pocket. I did it just today while waiting in the doctor’s office. It was much better than reading about celebrity breakups or fashion faux pas.

Pocket Basics

  • You can use Pocket on any Android, iDevice, or on your computer.
  • You can tag items and filter by tags.
  • If you use Instapaper, you can import articles to Pocket.

What I Learned

  • Pocket is a great place to store professional development articles. It’s like my own little development space.
  • It’s also a great place to build an “online cookbook”. I’ve started stashing and tagging recipes I find on the web that I want to use again. That used to be a folder in my inbox. Now it’s even better.
  • I can “Pocket” things I want to show to my son later since he’s too young for email or Facebook. This was a big hit while My husband and I were reading The Hobbit to him over several weeks at bedtime: