About Tracy Ross

I have the coolest job in the world as a learning and talent management professional. My passion is discovering and developing new ways to help learners actively engage, contribute, and collaborate in traditional and virtual classrooms so they can apply their learning for better performance. My talent is generating crazy ideas that “just might work” and solving seemingly impossible problems. I love helping employees connect with content and collaborate with each other in virtual learning spaces.

I’ve facilitated sessions at conferences such as the CLO and Talent Management Forum, Elliot’s Masie’s Learning, and the Intel Learning Summit on the topics of Live Virtual Learning, Leveraging Social Media for Learning, Designing for a Global Audience, Working With SMEs, and Creative Facilitation Techniques. I’ve also done training sessions for companies like Wells Fargo. If you would like to contact me with a question or need a facilitator for your event you can reach me at virtuallearningspace@gmail.com.

Tweet me @TracyRossISD

If you are in a hiring mood, check out my resume.

Work Samples
Facilitator Guide: My philosophy on facilitator guides is that they should function as job aids, not encyclopedias. I rely on use of white space and icons to make them easy to read, so facilitators can quickly find what they need–especially the first couple of times teaching the class.
Participant Placemat: Build-as-you-go job aid for students to take notes during class and use as a reference on the job.
Learning to Go: Scaled learning experiences to refresh employees on Company Culture classes.
Fostering an Adult Learning Environment in the Virtual Classroom: A guide for instructional designers, developers, and facilitators.
“Plain Language” Style Illustration and Narration: This was a piece I put together for a job application that tells about me as a potential employee in the style of animation the company uses for its demos and training. I wrote the script, did the drawings, and voiced the narration.

*Unfortunately, all of the eLearning and most of the other courses I’ve designed are the intellectual property of Intel Corporation and only accessible within the Intel firewall. I’d be happy to discuss the non-confidential products with you if you’d like to contact me.


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