Here is something to chew on from Steve Flowers of Androidgogy. My take away for the virtual arena is that a virtual learning experience doesn’t have to be a course. It could be an interactive panel discussion, an open discussion on a specific topic, a show-and-tell of learning application, group coaching… Your imagination is the limit.

I’d like to take Steve’s challenge even farther by saying that the learner should have access to all of the learning objects and have the opportunity to custom design their own learning experience. If the learner is a novice an self evaluation could suggest a configuration to meet her needs.


Let me start by issuing a battle cry. If you’re an instructional design professional, this battle cry is for you. Are you ready? Here it comes.  




Make fewer courses! In your loudest, most shrill voice. In face paint that would get you onto the set of the Braveheart sequel. At the top of your lungs. Make. Fewer. Courses.

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